Mixed sky definition

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Mixed sky definition

Post by nishant.kuchekar » Mon Jul 08, 2013 7:29 am

Hello all,

I want to ask a basic question. What does "mixed sky" actually mean?
Is it an average/mean of clear sky and overcast sky, or does it have its own assumptions?

Thank you

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Re: Mixed sky definition

Post by sdette » Tue Aug 13, 2013 4:03 pm

Dear nishant,

The included sky types in DIALux (clear, overcast, mixed sky) are based on the CIE110-1994 »Spatial Distribution of Daylight - Luminance Distribution of Various Reference Skies«.
If you need more information we recommend you to take a short look into the manual.

The CIE S 011 E:2003 ,,Spatial Distribution of Daylight – CIE Standard General Sky” which is the latest version are 16 sky types declared.

The clear sky equates the sky12= »CIE Standard Clear Sky, low luminance turbidity« from CIE S 011 E:2003.
Furthermore the overcast sky in DIALux equates the skytyp16= »traditional overcast Sky« from CIE S 011 E:2003.
The mixed sky in DIALux has no consent regarding the CIE S 011 E:2003.

I hope, that my suggestions suites your expectations.


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