Vertical illuminance

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Vertical illuminance

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How can I increase the vertical illuminance.?
In most of the sports lighting designing there is demand of 1500-2000 vertical illuminance for telecast.
Whenever I design for sports lighting, I get good amount of horizontal (or perpendicular) illuminance,but vertical illuminance is almost halved or very less than the required.Why this happens?

Is there any relation between horizontal and vertical illuminance?

Also,is there any guide for the requirements of the vertical illuminance?

Pls let me know.


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Re: Vertical illuminance

Post by Csuleiman » Wed Apr 24, 2019 7:27 am


Horizontal illuminance is typically measured on a horizontally oriented imaginary surface one meter (~3 feet) above the field surface. Multiple measurements are usually measured (or calculated during the lighting design phase) on a grid.

Vertical illuminance is measured on a vertically oriented imaginary surface. Unlike horizontal illuminance, both the position and orientation of the vertical surface must be specified. To understand why, consider a vertical surface illuminated by a single light source (see screenshot below). This is the reason why the vertical illuminance is lower in your case.

Illuminance of surface depends on angle of illumination:
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